Let’s work together to stop asset loss

Our optimization experts have a few ideas

Utilize RFID and GPS tracking technology to gather accurate data on the return of reusable plastic assets.

Ask retailers to hold beverage, bakery and dairy containers in a safe/secure area until the rightful owner picks up their assets.

Implement an accountability system that makes the driver, merchandiser, and selling personnel all responsible for minimizing reusable asset loss in their distribution channel.

"Beverage shell loss and theft has been a reoccurring issue for us, even more so today in Los Angeles. Partnering with Rehrig Pacific to identify and strategize ways to reduce loss has helped increase our long-term viability. One of the biggest impact Rehrig Pacific has had on our organization is helping us educate our drivers on the importance of shell loss management. To this day, we display the Rehrig Pacific training video in our warehouse."

— Kasen Haro, RCI Manager for Dr Pepper Snapple Group

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