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Rehrig Pacific Company and Dumpster Mate ‘Surround’ the Container Industry with Integrated Container and Enclosure Solutions

Joint Marketing and Sales Agreement Makes Rehrig Pacific Exclusive Provider of Innovative Dumpster Mate Enclosure System

Posted: 2/12/2014

Los Angeles, Calif. – February 12, 2014 – Rehrig Pacific Company, the leading supplier to the waste and recycling collection industry, and Dumpster Mate, Inc., of Raleigh, NC, manufacturer of the unique Dumpster Mate Enclosure System, announce a joint marketing and sales Agreement effective immediately. Rehrig Pacific will be the exclusive provider of polyethylene dumpsters for the innovative Dumpster Mate Enclosure System and will market Dumpster Mate, along with its polyethylene dumpsters and containers, to waste haulers nationwide through the Rehrig Pacific sales force. Furthermore, all polyethylene dumpsters provided in conjunction with the Dumpster Mate Enclosure System will be exclusively Rehrig Pacific dumpsters and containers.

“We are pleased to add such an exciting new product as Dumpster Mate to our industry leading family of containers,” stated Shawn Kruse, Commercial Container Manager for Rehrig Pacific. “Dumpster Mate enables our Waste Hauler partners to offer an innovative, cost-effective enclosure system solution to their clients without sacrificing hauling and pickup productivity that are an issue with other enclosures. As a modular, polyethylene system, Dumpster Mate can solve any enclosure requirement and offers the same longevity and environmentally attractive features as our Rehrig Pacific container family,” added Kruse.

“The partnership with Rehrig Pacific gives us the ability to market the Dumpster Mate Enclosure System directly to the Waste Haulers while including the leading polyethylene container family of Rehrig Pacific to this and other markets we are addressing,” said Steven C. Goode, President and CEO of Dumpster Mate. “As a thirty-year veteran of the waste hauling industry, I know how important direct sales contact with an industry leading organization such as Rehrig Pacific is to increasing the awareness of our new enclosure system in the waste hauler community. With the Rehrig Pacific container family, we can offer all users of the Dumpster Mate Enclosure System the finest total solution to any enclosure and container need,” continued Goode.

About Rehrig Pacific Company
Founded in 1913, Rehrig Pacific has grown to become a world-leading manufacturer of roll-out carts recycle bins and commercial containers for the waste and recycling collection industry. The company is also a plastic pallet and reusable transport packaging manufacturer serving the agriculture, pharmaceutical, bakery, beverage, dairy, retail and materials handling industries. Rehrig offers a growing number of container asset management and service tracking hardware and software systems, including RFID tracking and GPS-, NFC-, and QR-enabled products. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Calif., Rehrig serves customers with manufacturing and service locations throughout North America and Mexico with sales offices in South America.

For more information about Rehrig Pacific Company and its full line of products and services visit: or call (800) 421-6244.

About Dumpster Mate Company
Dumpster Mate uniquely improves dumpster enclosure systems.  Dumpster Mate is a modular enclosure system that solves the cost, productivity and longevity issues associated with current dumpster enclosure alternatives.  Dumpster Mate, Inc., a Raleigh, N.C. based company, is the designer and manufacturer of the patented, polyethylene enclosure system and exclusively utilizes the dumpster as part of the enclosure system.  Dumpster Mate enables “one pass” dumping of the container without leaving the vehicle.  The enclosure system is available in a variety of colors and configurations and can be customized to match architectural color or branding requirements. Dumpster Mate can be quickly installed by the user, or Dumpster Mate will coordinate turn-key installation anywhere, nationwide with a trained contracting organization.

Dumpster Mate can be obtained from authorized Reseller Partners and at: or (800) 412-2493.

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