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Creating value with intelligent environmental solutions

We create value because we make municipal and private collection programs smarter and more profitable. In partnership with our clients we develop cost effective and sustainable solutions that improve asset management, enhance collection safety and efficiency, reduce costs and build better relationships with the customer.

Proven Methods that Deliver Results

Environmental Solutions

Improve operational visibility and maximize ROI

Profit from our software, asset/inventory management, and collection services

Rehrig Pacific IT Specialists create powerful and comprehensive solutions for our partners that reduce expenses and increase revenue through more intelligent asset/inventory management. Our proprietary turnkey solutions are proven to improve sustainability and generate data that minimizes capital loss, improves billing and reduces labor costs.

Environmental Solutions

Reduce risk and gain measurable savings

Enhance collection safety and improve efficiency

Whatever the application — from the collection of waste at the curbside to the collection and disposal of Regulated Medical Waste from a healthcare facility, Rehrig Pacific designs innovative, ergonomic and sustainable solutions that minimize the risk of injury, improve collection safety and reduce operational costs.

Environmental Solutions

Enhance your customer’s experience

Improve customer participation and increase revenues

Waste and recycling collection containers are valuable assets, and play a critical role in lowering costs, increasing revenues and improving sustainability. Rehrig Pacific efficiently manages these assets to reduce operational costs, prevent capital loss, increase collection and enhance material revenue streams.

Environmental Solutions

Advance your sustainability objectives

Return waste back into usable products more profitably

We develop better methods for our customers to track, manage and reduce waste, and we have the recycling infrastructure to completely support cart, container and #2 HDPE reclamation. This increases the recycled content in all of the products we manufacture.

Comprehensive and proven solutions that deliver real value.

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