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Creating value
 with smart solutions that optimize your supply chain

We deliver value because we make supply chains smarter and more profitable. And, in partnership with our clients, we conceive and create visually arresting, intelligent, cost effective and sustainable solutions that prominently merchandise their brands at the retail level.

Proven Methods that Deliver Results

Supply Chain Solutions

Enhance consumer engagement

Facilitate conversations with consumers and lift sales

Studies indicate that reusable secondary packaging can improve brand awareness at the point-of purchase. Rehrig Pacific reusable secondary packaging solutions have the ability to gain a consumer’s attention, lift brand awareness, and aid in sales at each retail location. Our imaginative solutions allow integration with QR code/Near Field Communications (NFC) technology to create a dialogue with the customer while giving you vital insight into their interests.

Supply Chain Solutions

Improve profits with better intelligence

Measure what matters and improve asset utilization

Rehrig Pacific Information Technology Specialists design and deliver powerful merchandising solutions for our clients that increase profitability through more intelligent asset management. Our proprietary turnkey reusable transport packaging solutions are proven to lower the cost per trip, create a more sustainable closed loop system, and generate data that helps to increase yields and reduce unsaleables.

Supply Chain Solutions

Lower your cost per trip

Improve DSD System productivity and reduce labor costs

Partnering with major brands and their distribution networks, Rehrig Pacific created the DSD Delivery System, which delivers measurable DSD productivity benefits with its integrated ½ pallet, floor ready display (FRD). We continually develop better merchandising solutions for our customers so that they may respond to retail expectations for FRD’s while also reducing both labor and fleet costs.

Supply Chain Solutions

Improve how you do business

Ideas that enhance transportation safety and efficiency

Rehrig Pacific creates unique supply chain delivery and packaging solutions that significantly improve productivity, reduce workplace injury, and lower the cost of doing business. For example, the KEGRACK Delivery System is a revolutionary way for beer distributors to realize measurable savings, minimize driver injury and realize productivity gains. As a replacement for heavy metal kegs, PUBKEG is the sustainable one-way delivery solution that minimizes injury while also reducing operating costs and improving beer/wine sales.

Delivering intelligent and proven solutions from manufacture to point-of-purchase.

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