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Total Pallet Management & Reverse Logistics

Cost-Effective Supply Chain Solutions

Rehrig maintains a clear focus on the customer, providing one of the industry’s best, most cost effective pallet management programs. We became one of the nation’s largest and fastest growing pallet management and sales solution providers by putting the customer first.

With reverse logistics centers strategically located across the U.S., Rehrig's unique business model allows for a continuous, uninterrupted supply of pallets per the customers' requirements. We are able to provide customers with a pallet management program that is customized to reach their supply chain goals through a cost-effective solution.  

Value-added services:

Two proven service models:

1. Total Pallet Management (TPM) program services are exchanged for white pallets
2. Retailer pays a sort charge for TPM program

Total Pallet Management


Other Pallet Rental Programs

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For more information please download and read our product literature on Logistics Services.