Supply Chain Solutions That Improve Your Cost Per Trip

Reusable Transport Packaging

Transport packaging consists of the container used to hold a number of primary packages for a good, the platforms used to transport the containers from the end of the packaging line to the store shelf and the film used to hold the containers onto the platform during transit.  Most goods today are still shipped using one-way cartons that are either landfilled or inefficiently recycled at the end of the trip and wooden pallets that must be repaired or replaced after only a few trips.

Reusable transport packaging (RTP) is the multi-trip option that keeps packaging waste to a minimum, is highly recyclable at the end of its life and has a lower impact on the environment than one-way packaging.  For users, well designed RTP is the starting place for a more efficient and sustainable supply chain.  The rewards of switching to RTP include:

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Rehrig Pacific has been designing and manufacturing RTP since our beginning back in 1913.  Today we offer an extensive range of reusable crates, containers, pallets and platforms proven to supply lower costs and added value to our customers. In addition, Rehrig offers a range of logistic services to close loops and provide more sustainable alternatives throughout your supply chain. Whether you require custom or off-the-shelf reusables, Rehrig has the knowledge, experience, manufacturing and logistics capability to meet your needs.