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Sustainable solutions which drive greater supply chain efficiencies and lower your costs per trip.

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A reusable, cost-efficient shipping solution that is the sustainable alternative to paperboard, wood or metal

Rigid Containers can be shipped in various ways, but the most economical method is to ship in bulk. Rehrig Pacific has significantly improved the working parameters for reusable plastic bulk packaging products used by container manufacturers for the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial industries. Taking advantage of the 56" × 44" platform and unitizing the containers on plastic pallets with tier sheets and a top frame allows for the most secure and cost efficient use of your transport packaging assets.

The distinctive design features of these plastic products ensure compatibility with your current high-speed automated equipment and eliminate costly equipment downtime caused by inconsistent dimensions or loose boards and fasteners. Because of this, plastic bulk packaging offers the ideal solution where clean work environments are required. Product safety is improved because plastic won’t absorb moisture that can harbor bacteria and other forms of contamination. In moist environments, collapsed loads caused by material deterioration and load deformation are completely eliminated.

Rehrig Pacific bulk packaging products guarantee you get the most efficient performance out of your container packaging assets. Reusable packaging used in a secure closed loop system is more sustainable than one-way paperboard or wood and metal alternatives that need frequent repair and replacement. Allow us to show you how our superior bulk packaging products can drive greater supply chain efficiencies and lower your cost per trip. In addition, we can quantify how you’ll improve your sustainability scorecard by lowering your carbon footprint throughout your supply chain.