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Sustainable packaging solutions which will deliver produce to market in perfect condition

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Superior product protection from the vine through the supply chain to the retailer

Rehrig Pacific offers a full range of agricultural containers that securely stack and efficiently nest. These containers are proven to withstand the rigors of field picking, transport, storage, and delivery whether you are shipping across the farm or across the country. Strong, yet lightweight, you'll get more produce per shipment and better utilize existing storage space by confidently stacking up to three pallets high with certain crates. Empty containers can be stored outside and take up a fraction of the storage space required for most non-returnable shipping containers.

The Shed Pack Grape Crate is a 180 degree stack/nest style crate designed to transport grapes from the field to the cooler allowing growers to efficiently store their produce and package later as required by their different customers. Shed packing eliminates guessing and wasteful repackaging expenses.

The 1-Way Grape Shipper is the 100% recyclable solution that offers all of the benefits of rigid plastic containers, but not the expense of backhauling and storing for future reuse. At the retail level, these natural colored, virgin resin containers are highly sought after by recyclers willing to pay top dollar for the material.

From field to store, Rehrig Pacific reusable plastic crates, totes and bins protect your products and your profits. That's the Smart Grower's Edge.