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Shed Pack Grape Crate

In response to growers’ critical needs to reduce product damage and improve clamshell packing efficiencies, Rehrig Pacific’s Shed Pack Grape Crate are designed to transport grapes safely from the field to the cooler while extending their shelf life in the market. Growers can now provide their customers with high quality fresh pack later in the season and enjoy greater flexibility in pack styles whether it's pack to order or packing bi- and tri-color clamshells with ease.

Featuring smooth interior surfaces to cradle and protect perishables, these durable and well ventilated 180° stack/nest containers allow for quicker cooling, more consistent temperature control and better drainage than traditional packaging. Interlocked when stacked and nestable when empty for space efficiency, Rehrig Pacific’s Shed Pack Grape Crate provide maximum stability and compatibility with standard 40" × 48" grocery pallets. The lightweight, easy to handle ergonomic design helps minimize labor costs.

Made from fully recyclable 100% high-density polyethylene, Rehrig Pacific’s FDA-compliant Grape Crates are highly impact resistant and won’t draw out moisture like wood or corrugated containers so your grapes stay fresher and more marketable longer.


External Dimensions:
20.00" × 16.00" × 6.00" (50.8 cm × 40.6 cm × 15.2 cm)
Internal Dimensions:
18.50" × 14.50" × 5.88" (47.0 cm × 36.8 cm × 14.9 cm)
Capacity: 18.0 lb. (8.2 kg)


  • Rugged, durable container which will last for years
  • Optimal venting for efficient cooling
  • Fruit friendly smooth interior
  • Won’t absorb moisture from grapes, stems or atmosphere
  • Visual guides for easy stacking and nesting
  • Efficiently stacks 6 crates per layer on GMA pallets
  • 100% recyclable HDPE resin with UV stabilizers


  • Colors: Choice of standard or optional non-heavy metal (NHM) or FDA approved colors
  • Material: Optional anti-oxidant packages for dates
  • Decoration: Hot-stamp branded logos
  • Tracking: Bar code labels or RFID tags
Shed Pack Grape Crate

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