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Sustainable packaging solutions which will deliver produce to market in perfect condition

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Strong, lightweight container solutions that protect valuable products and more effectively utilize existing storage space

Rehrig Pacific designers have successfully created the ultimate collapsible container or reusable plastic container (RPC) system. Dependably rigid when loaded and stacked, these collapsible container crates quickly fold down when empty. Rehrig Pacific’s design sets a new standard for stacking strength in a reusable, collapsible, shipping and storage container.

Available in a range of five (5) heights with one common 60 cm × 40 cm footprint, these crates can be used for virtually any kind of produce or material handling application needing an integrated container solution. Rehrig Pacific RPCs cross-stack, locking-in each layer for added stability during transport.

Well ventilated bottoms and sidewalls provide fast, even cooling and gassing of fruits and vegetables while the smooth interiors cradle the valuable cargo so less product is damaged in shipment. Your goods arrive ready to merchandise directly from the collapsible container upon delivery with less labor required to sort and build displays. These reusable totes are ergonomically designed for manual operations, easy to assemble and disassemble and work equally well in fully automated systems.