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Protecting delicate baked goods from the packer to the grocery aisle

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Lightweight trays that deliver ultimate protection for delicate baked goods and its protective packaging, and are able to work in the most sophisticated distribution systems

You want to be confident that your crushable baked products are protected during handling. Use Rehrig Pacific’s lightweight, rugged and dependable Bakery Trays to protect your fragile baked goods. Our bakery trays are:


Rehrig Pacific’s HBB style bakery trays are well known for protecting packaged baked goods. With the new HBB Dolly you get an effective shipping and merchandising solution that works with all HBB compatible bread trays, regardless of the manufacturer.

Peel Boards

Rehrig Pacific has designed the essential plastic bakery peel board. Rigid and lightweight, they’re made with special textured surfaces to ease product removal and prevent dough build-up, making them easy to clean. With plastic peel boards that won’t splinter or absorb moisture or contaminants, and maintain their dimensions and weight, you can both protect your product and maintain your workspace.

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