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Protecting delicate baked goods from the packer to the grocery aisle

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Display friendly solutions that protect soft, delicate breads and their protective packaging and can effectively work in any distribution system

Trays that Protect and Serve

Rehrig Pacific offers a host of plastic trays carefully crafted for handling delicate baked goods all the way from the packer to the grocery aisle. HuskyLite® Bakery Trays are rugged and dependable, carry heavy loads without sagging, stack easily without damaging contents and let the product and packaging clearly show through.

Rehrig Pacific trays are designed for easy cleaning with smooth surfaces that won’t snag protective packaging. These display-friendly trays build secure stacks or attractive merchandisers that invite dispensing directly from the tray. When empty, they nest deeply to minimize the amount of storage space required.

Superior Problem Solving by Design

Whether single height or multi-level, Rehrig Pacific Bakery Trays are perfect for manual loading or for use with the most sophisticated automated equipment. Our patented trays are designed for maximum throughput and minimum handling, regardless of plant layout or distribution system.

Rehrig Pacific product specialists can analyze your particular needs and recommend ways to improve handling, maximize vehicle and warehouse space, and reduce costs. Our innovative designers can create a custom tray to suit your particular needs, just as we’ve done for our customers since 1913.