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Protecting delicate baked goods from the packer to the grocery aisle

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The rigid and lightweight solution built to never splinter and engineered with surfaces for easy product removal and cleaning

Rehrig Pacific has designed the essential, plastic bakery peel board. Rigid and lightweight, these easy to use peel boards set a new standard for cleanliness, durability and long life. You will protect your product and your equipment better with Rehrig Pacific Peel Boards.

Rigid plastic peel boards are lightweight because of Rehrig Pacific’s patented hollow Box Beam™ design. Two-piece welded construction reduces deflection and produces standard boards with a high strength-to-weight ratio. Optional internal reinforcement is also available for heavier baked goods.

Injection molded polypropylene boards are recyclable and easy to maintain. Plastic peel boards won’t splinter or absorb moisture or contaminants, and maintain their dimensions and weight. Dual surfaces and variable colors allow rotation, extending service life. Engineered textured surfaces ease product removal and help prevent dough build-up for easy cleaning.

Rehrig Pacific Peel Boards are available in seven standard sizes, with more to come. Let Rehrig Pacific design the ultimate peel board for your bakery needs.