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Protecting delicate baked goods from the packer to the grocery aisle

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MLBT-6 Multi-level Bun Tray

Rehrig Pacific has created the ultimate one-tray solutions for highly automated bakeries. Multi-level trays offer multiple stacking heights and high nesting ratios. These key features enable you to use one tray for all of your baked goods, rather than having two or more trays in your system.

Multi-level trays adjust to the height of your products, allowing more trays per stack compared to single height trays. For example, you could place one layer of taller buns in the low stack position or two layers of regular buns in the high stack position, eliminating wasted headroom. Higher nesting ratios, compared to rotating stack/nest trays, mean empty trays take up less room in trailers or delivery vans and in storage areas where space is always at a premium. Visual indicators on the trays aid manual stacking for drivers and store personnel after the goods leave the bakery.

With Multi-level Bun Trays you can eliminate tray sorting and dual inventories, as well as pack denser loads and reduce empty tray storage areas gaining space rather than expanding.


External Dimensions (L × W × H):
26.95" × 22.12" × 4.75" (68.45 cm × 56.18 cm × 12.06 cm)
Internal Dimensions (L × W):
23.75" × 19.75" (60.33 cm × 50.16 cm)

Low Stack Height: 2.75" (69.85 cm)
High Stack Height: 3.75" (95.25 cm)
Nesting Ratio: 4:1


  • Dual stack heights
  • Highly nestable
  • Slide trays to stack or change stack heights without rotating trays
  • Visual indicators to aid manual stacking
  • Molded in freshness indicators on trays
  • Reinforced bottom grid
  • Rigid double-wall constructed front and back walls
  • Smooth interior surfaces protect packaging
  • Drop front for easy access to product when stacked
  • Ventilated on all sides for quick chilling


  • Colors: Choice of standard or optional non-heavy metal (NHM) or FDA approved colors
  • Decoration: Molded-in logos
  • Tracking: Bar code labels or RFID tags
  • Anti-Theft: Not compatible with any other trays
MLBT-6 Multi-level Bun Tray

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