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Protecting delicate baked goods from the packer to the grocery aisle

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RT-4 Roll Tray

The RT series of four 90° stack/nest roll and bun trays are standard equipment for the commercial baking industry. Rugged and dependable, all RT trays inter-stack and nest with themselves and all other compatible trays regardless of tray height and are engineered for easy manual or automated handling. Rehrig Pacific bakery baskets and trays are designed for efficient use of space in the bakery or warehouse, on trucks, and in convenience store or supermarket storage. Stacked trays form visually appealing merchandising displays in aisles or baked goods sections. RT-4 trays are RT-3 trays with one drop-side for better merchandising.


External Base Dimensions:
26.00" × 21.70" (66.0 cm × 55.1 cm)
Internal Base Dimensions:
24.80" × 20.70" (63.0 cm × 52.6 cm)

External Height RT-1: 3.50" (8.9 cm)
External Height RT-2: 4.62" (11.7 cm)
External Height RT-3 & RT-4: 5.88" (14.9 cm)

Internal Height RT-1: 3.12" (7.9 cm)
Internal Height RT-2: 4.25" (10.8 cm)
Internal Height RT-3 & RT-4: 5.50" (14.0 cm)


  1. RT Trays with modified dimensions and features are also available. Contact your local customer service representative for details.
  2. RT-4 trays are RT-3 trays with one drop-side for better merchandising.


  • Drop front panel for better merchandising
  • 2:1 nesting ratio
  • Reinforced bottom grid, corners and sidewalls
  • Large sturdy handles for easy handling
  • Smooth interior surfaces protect packaging
  • Designed for blind, overhead stacking
  • Four-way hand truck entry
  • Merchandise from front or rear
  • View product from all four sides


  • Colors: Choice of standard or optional non-heavy metal (NHM) or FDA approved colors
  • Decoration: Hot-stamp branded and molded-in logos
  • Tracking: Bar code labels or RFID tags
  • Anti-Theft: A range of theft deterrent features are available
RT-4 Roll Tray

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