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Cost effective sustainable packaging systems that close the loop

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Innovative reusable packaging that can prominently display your beverages and lower your cost per trip

Wherever you see a soft drink display or a truck loaded with sodas, it's more than likely that those beverages are in plastic crates by Rehrig Pacific. With 30-plus years of experience with injection-molded crates under its belt, Rehrig Pacific is unequaled in the design and manufacture of innovative products for the beverage industry.

There are numerous reasons for the overwhelming popularity of Rehrig Pacific products. Handling full crates of product is heavy work. That's why Rehrig Pacific engineers have discovered ways to make the task easier. Patented “palm-up/palm-down” handles ease the strain of lifting during the loading, unloading or stacking process.

Another patented, ergonomic feature is the Twist 'N Slide bottom. For secure stacking on pallets and in displays, the bottom of the crate interlocks with the bottle caps it rests on. Yet for ease of handling, a simple twisting of the crate allows it to slide free.

Rehrig Pacific designs feature large “window” areas that frame the product label and bottle profile. Inventory control is always an important issue. These large window areas also accommodate efficient UPC scanning. The bright, clean colors of the Rehrig Pacific crates have lots of eye appeal in displays that are proven product-movers.

Rehrig Pacific uses 100% recyclable materials and available non-heavy metals colors in all its products, which benefit everyone. Client preference determines the percentage of recycled materials used in each order. Up to 100% recycled materials can be used while still retaining strength and durability. They clean easily and are lightweight.

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