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20 oz. Half Depth Crate

A low-depth beverage crate for twenty-four (24), loose pack, 20 oz. non-returnable PET bottles.

Half Depth Crates quickly pack and palletize securely for storage and transit. Build enticing product displays easily anywhere in-aisle or end cap, inside or outside, the supermarket or convenience store.  Staff can load coolers and shelves quickly with no packaging waste to interfere or requiring disposal.


Cell Diameter: 2.93" (74.3 mm) +/- 0.0625" (1.5 mm)


  • Large sturdy handles ease grasping and lifting
  • Closure acceptance areas help locate crates when stacking
  • Crates glide easily over closures for unloading
  • Large display windows highlight labels and bottle profiles
  • Higher sidewalls increase bottle stability in transit
  • Large brand panel for molded-in or hot-stamp logos
  • Nested crates interlock for secure stacking in storage, return transit and unloading
  • De-nest easily either manually or with automated denester


  • Colors: Choice of standard or optional non-heavy metal (NHM) or FDA approved colors
  • Decoration: Molded-in or hot-stamp branded logos
  • Tracking: Bar code labels or RFID tags
20 oz. Half Depth

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