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2.0 Liter Castle Crate®

A low-depth beverage crate for eight (8), loose pack, 2.0 L non-returnable PET bottles.

Designed and engineered in the late ‘80s, millions of the original Castle Crates are still in service today. Conceived as the replacement for disposable one-way corrugated boxes and full-depth plastic crates, the original Castle Crate blazed the trail for all other truly reusable and sustainable transport packaging that followed.

Today, reusable plastic crates are still the better sustainable alternative to one-way corrugated trays and shrink film packaging as repeatedly shown in life-cycle analysis by various institutions. See Building the Business Case for Reusable Transport Packaging.

Castle Crates provide the ultimate in bottle stability and presentation. The 2.0 L 8-Pocket Castle Crate quickly packs in individual bottle cells and palletizes securely for storage and transit. Castle Crates cross-stack full on pallets or empty to provide extra stacking strength and security. Varying the stacking pattern for each level forms the most solid unit load. Build enticing product displays easily anywhere in-aisle or end cap, inside or outside, the supermarket or convenience store. Staff can load coolers and shelves quickly with no packaging waste to interfere or requiring disposal.


Large Pocket Diameter:
4.50" (114.3 mm) +/- 0.0625" (1.5 mm)
Small Pocket Diameter:
4.41" (112.0 mm) +/- 0.0625" (1.5 mm)
Super Small Pocket Diameter:
4.37" (111.0 mm) +/- 0.0625" (1.5 mm)


  • Wide finger grip handles allow easy grasping and lifting
  • Twist ‘N Slide bottom locates and locks crates and closures, yet releases easily so crates glide over closures for unloading
  • Large display windows highlight labels and bottle profiles
  • Tall columns increase bottle stability in transit
  • Large brand panel for molded-in or hot-stamp logos
  • Highly nestable to reduce space needed for empty storage
  • Nested crates cross-stack and interlock for secure stacking in storage, return transit and unloading
  • De-nest easily either manually or with automated denester
  • Theft deterrent feature


  • Colors: Choice of standard or optional non-heavy metal (NHM) or FDA approved colors
  • Decoration: Molded-in or hot-stamp branded logos
  • Tracking: Bar code labels or RFID tags
2 L 1st Gen. Castle Crate

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