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2 Liter Retail Ready Merchandiser

Rehrig Pacific continually seeks to optimize value creation for PepsiCo with solutions that enhance the customer experience, improve sustainability and eliminate unnecessary costs.

The new 5th Generation Retail Ready Merchandiser is better that the previous generation of reusable beverage packaging in 4 significant ways. It enhances brand awareness, improves asset retention, lowers costs, and advances sustainability initiatives.

Designed to build Pepsi’s brand equity, enhance the shopper experience and promote combination sales, this reusable crate is manufactured in Pepsi blue with a new proprietary two-color Pepsi logo.

Each merchandiser is also printed with a new multi-color anti-theft logo to aid in deterrence. This logo explains that the crate is a marked and traceable asset.

With a 13% improved nesting increment over the 4th generation CC and a 40% improved nesting increment over the 3rd generation, this highly nestable crate provides for shorter stacks of empties in retailer back rooms, bottler or satellite warehouses, and improves trailer pack-outs for inbounds and returns, lowering transportation costs.

Engineered for improved durability, the 5th generation merchandiser is 26% lighter than the 4th generation and 35% lighter than the 3rd generation 2.0 L CC. A 10-shell stack is 6 lbs. lighter than the 4th generation and 9.3 lbs. lighter than the 3rd generation, making it more cost effective to acquire.

Pepsi’s sustainability scorecard also improves. The new 5th Generation Retail Ready Merchandiser uses less resin in manufacture and its lighter weight and improved nestability contributes to improved fuel efficiency. It is also 100% recyclable and a valued asset at the end of its lifecycle.

Key Benefits:

  • Manufactured for superior durability
  • Lower your cost per trip
  • Gain sustainability scorecard improvements
  • Improve brand awareness
  • Increase sales
  • Reduce theft
  • Reduce operational and packaging costs

Another Value Add for Pepsi Bottlers

Rehrig Pacific wants your underutilized and broken shells. Receive direct and premium value today. As a result, your new 5th generation 2 Liter Retail Ready Merchandise will cost significantly less as a regrind product vs. a virgin product.

Rehrig Pacific is increasing the value of regrind for purchases of the new 2 Liter Retail Ready Merchandiser.

Call us today to discover the value of your old crates.

Please click to read our white paper, “Visual Attention to In-Store Marketing: The Role of Secondary Packaging in Brand Awareness”.

2 L Merchandiser

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