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Lightweight, built to protect and last, 100% recyclable

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16 & 20 Quart Crates

Rehrig Pacific plastic milk crates meet the demands of today’s automated milk processing plants. These cases offer many quality features the dairy industry has come to expect from Rehrig Pacific for over 100 years. By listening to our customers Rehrig Pacific has developed the widest range of milk crates on the market today. Whether you need all-plastic or steel ringed crates, heavyweight or lightweight cases, wide grid or narrow grid walls, tall or short splash panels, molded-in or hot stamp branded logos, or crates with a little different dimension, Rehrig Pacific has the type, size and color you need.

All Rehrig Pacific milk cases are built to last with proven features that stand up to the brutal rigors of distribution and storage, as well as automated packers, palletizers and conveyors including double drag rails and rounded and reinforced corners, bottoms and handles. UV stabilizers and anti-oxidants insure our high-density polyethylene resins remain durable and colorfast for the life of the crates. Most important of all, Rehrig Pacific cases protect your precious product with smooth package friendly interiors, recessed bottoms that won’t damage bottle caps and superior top load strength that saves precious floor space in refrigerated warehouses and storage rooms.

With eight production facilities nationwide, floor stocking programs and 24/7 deliveries, Rehrig Pacific has decades of excellent customer service and proven dedication to our customer’s needs. Today, Rehrig Pacific is focused on the costly problem of distribution asset shrinkage affecting nearly all of our customers. Click on the link to learn more about our simple and effective, customizable, step-by-step Asset Management program that enables you to effectively manage your reusable distribution assets.