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Lightweight, built to protect and last, 100% recyclable

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Dairy Pallets

Listening to the needs of the dairy industry, Rehrig Pacific has built a superior plastic pallet that conforms to their need for strength, durability, and cleanliness. High-pressure injection molding gives us the ability to strengthen the areas that take the most abuse, like corners and leading edges.

The solid top deck improves loading and provides uncommon stiffness for a two-way entry stringer pallet. Optional steel reinforcements even support edge racking when needed. Loose fasteners, splinters and broken boards are a thing of the past and our high-impact resin won’t absorb moisture or harbor bacteria like wooden or other types of plastic pallets.

Dairy Pallets are available with either 2.5" narrow stringers or 3.8" wide stringers. With consistent dimensions and a molded-in hook feature, these lightweight, easy handling plastic pallets will improve the cleanliness and efficiency of any dairy operation.