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Egg Crates

Rehrig Pacific offers two styles of reusable plastic egg crates to complete the loop between the egg producer and the supermarket or grocery store. Both are designed to replace returnable wire baskets, and especially costly one-way corrugated cartons.

By listening to our customers we have engineered the highly unique Collapsible Egg Crate for optimizing space for backhauls and the more traditional Stackable Egg Crate, both with a capacity of 15 dozen eggs. Each crate will hold a variety of carton types and sizes. One is surely right for your operation.

With eight production facilities nationwide, floor stocking programs and 24/7 deliveries, Rehrig Pacific has decades of excellent customer service and proven dedication to our customer’s needs. Today, Rehrig Pacific is focused on the costly problem of distribution asset shrinkage affecting nearly all of our customers. Click on the link to learn more about our simple and effective, customizable, step-by-step Asset Management program that enables you to effectively manage your reusable distribution assets.