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Lightweight, built to protect and last, 100% recyclable

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Durable reusable crate solutions designed to work in manual and automated storage and packing systems

Rehrig Pacific Meat Crates utilize a rotating metal or plastic swing bar to facilitate stacking when deployed or nesting when retracted. Multi-level swing bars have more than one stacking position, normally a high-stack position and a low-stack position and a nesting position. This flexibility enables users to more efficiently utilize the storage space in the container compared to a single height container. They gain the utilization advantage of a single container float and the efficiency advantage of multiple height containers without the out-of-stock penalties.

Rehrig Pacific Meat Crates have ergonomic handles and are designed to work in both manual and automated storage and packing systems. These crates come in the most popular imperial and metric sizes in either the 4-down per layer or 5-down per layer configurations. Whatever your need, Rehrig Pacific Meat Crates offer a highly nestable alternative to straight-wall stacking containers benefiting back-hauling and storage space utilization for empty crates.