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Delivery Cart

Innovation is built into Rehrig Pacific’s lightweight and rugged Delivery Cart.

Long Service Life

As part of our DSD System, Rehrig Pacific’s Delivery Cart (The DC) has a molded plastic deck which uses a rugged, impact-resistant, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) resin. Ideally suited for harsh, cold temperature storage and repeated movement between ambient and chilled environments, The DC features heavy duty casters and wheels carefully selected for dependable operation in cold temperatures and corrosive environments. Deck reinforcements provide support and stability by distributing the load throughout the deck and wheels.

Optimized Footprint

The cart width has been optimized to easily fit through doorways and tight aisles. It is also designed to provide access for lifting by both forklifts and hand trucks.

Improved Handling and Safety

The innovative combination of plastic and metal decreases the weight of each load by up to fifteen pounds compared to “all-metal” carts. Lighter loads mean less physical stress on employees and facilities when moving the same amount of products.

Reduced Doorway Damage

When correctly loaded and packed, the DC easily accommodates narrow delivery doors. Our impact-resistant and absorbing plastic rails reduce damage to your facilities and expensive freezer thresholds.

Easily Cleaned and Repaired

The DC deck can be cleaned with a mild cleanser. Its flow-through design drains well, preventing water and dirt from collecting in top deck areas. Casters can be easily replaced when worn.

Shorter Lead Times

Manufactured in the USA, Rehrig Pacific’s Delivery Cart will have a shorter lead time, will be less costly to ship, and will be at your facility quickly. Floor stock may also be available.

Delivery Cart

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