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DSD to the convenience store at its very best

The Rehrig Pacific DSD System delivers unparalleled performance

Every detail of the Rehrig Pacific DSD-GS System was designed to create a solution that maximizes efficiency and eliminates unnecessary labor, fleet and supply chain costs. The DSD-GS also provides an effective way to engage your customers while achieving an unprecedented level of sustainability.

DSD systems – Faster delivery times

delivery times

Cut minutes off every delivery, improve driver productivity and lower several other delivery related costs

DSD systems – Zero-trash footprint


Maximize sustainability and eliminate all one-way packaging costs — including your plastic stretch film expense

DSD systems – Better engage customers

engage customers

Elevate customer engagement and sales with FRDs and reusable secondary packaging embedded with NFC technologies

What can optimization do for your DSD Systems? With the DSD-GS, picking of each individual store order is moved to the distribution center, and loaded onto a more efficient and versatile transport trailer. As a result of converting from the antiquated side-bay trailer and hand truck delivery method, you will reduce delivery times. In fact, many of our customers have experienced a 10% mileage reduction. They are also seeing reductions in driver turnover below 10%, while their drivers are making more stops a day. The job is physically less demanding. As a result, customers using the DSD-GS have received worker’s compensation credits due to fewer driver injuries.

The GS-Pallet is designed to be an instant and attractive Floor Ready Display. When integrated with reusable secondary packaging, (Rehrig Pacific Retail Ready Merchandisers), you gain instant brand recognition and a vehicle to create conversations with your customers. Finally, Pallet Wrapz, a reusable lightweight pallet wrap, eliminates the use of plastic stretch film. Improved productivity, lower costs, elevated sales, and a zero-trash footprint. All because of optimization at its most intelligent level.

Essential components in the Rehrig Pacific DSD System

DSD Systems R40 Electric Lift

DSD R40 Electric Lift

With the flexibility to support a wide range of GMA and beverage pallets, this powerful 4,000 lb. capacity lift offers incredible maneuverability.

DSD systems – GS Pallet

GS Pallet

Its low profile improves nestability and offers superior stability when used as a floor ready display (FRD) or for back room storage.

DSD systems –  Hydraulic Sled

DSD Hydraulic Sled

Its hydraulic foot pedal speeds up productivity when making deliveries on uneven surfaces, including ramps and high thresholds.

DSD systems – Pallet Wrapz®

Pallet Wrapz®

Able to be used with any secondary packaging, one-way or reusable, this reusable pallet wrap eliminates the use of plastic stretch film.

Watch the DSD System in action

More insight into Rehrig Pacific DSD System solutions

DSD-GS System
Product Bulletin
DSD-GS System
Dec 8, 2014 / Press Release
Rehrig Pacific Introduces a New DSD System Solution

The DSD-GS solution is specifically designed to optimize beverage and other retail delivery applications » continue reading

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