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Asset Tracking

Track Your Assets in the Cloud

Know where your reusable packaging assets are at all times, and manage their return and reuse more efficiently and cost effectively.


Rehrig Pacific's proprietary Packaging Asset Recovery Tracking System (PARTS) facilitates online tracking of packaging assets 24/7/365, integrates with bar code and RFID data collection systems, and is customizable to your unique applications through the use of electronic BOLs. PARTS can generate daily, weekly and/or monthly reports for services performed inside customer locations by Rehrig Pacific's reverse logistics centers. Customers can customize reports to fit their needs, and they are accessible online or can be emailed at pre-determined frequencies.


Rehrig Pacific's Container Asset Recovery Tracking System (CARTS) utilizes mobile hand-held computers loaded with a custom application for managing mass distribution, paperless work orders and inventory management in the field. Each hand-held unit communicates via the internet to the CARTS host server, and data is then accessible through the web through barcode/RFID technology.  It can show whether an asset is at a home, being used, receiving maintenance, lost or returned back to inventory.

PARTS and CARTS are comprehensive asset tracking solutions, delivering consistent inventory visibility, facilitating the timely return of assets, reducing asset expenditures and significantly lowering the total cost of ownership. Both encourage a paperless environment, offer query tools and automated reports.

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