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Reusable, ready to carry the load for the long haul, and ultimately 100% recyclable

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The reusable and sustainable alternative to wood or metal, we deliver pallet solutions which can withstand the rigors of continued use

Reusable plastic pallets are the sustainable alternative to wood, metal, and paperboard pallets when used in a secure closed loop system. Consistent dimensions, four-way entry and no loose fasteners or splinters make them ideal for automated systems and production areas requiring clean environments.

Whether you require rackable or nestable pallets, Rehrig Pacific ’s high-impact resins and high pressure injection molding technology allow us to continually build more sophisticated designs. In designing our pallets, we optimize wall thickness (thinner) and rib structure (thicker) to produce a platform that is lighter, yet stronger, with superior durability compared to other molding methods and materials. Plastic pallets won’t absorb moisture that causes deterioration and load deformation and can harbor and transmit bacteria and other forms of contamination to goods.

Our products consistently drive supply chain efficiencies and lower the average cost per trip for our customer’s goods and merchandise. In addition, our products have positively impacted their sales and their sustainability efforts by lowering their carbon footprint and maximizing their sustainability scorecards. Learn more about these superior Rehrig Pacific products.