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Reusable, ready to carry the load for the long haul, and ultimately 100% recyclable

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An optimized logistics program eliminating needless costs for brewer and wholesaler

Better than heavy, antiquated wood pallets, the strong and lightweight CRAFTPALLET is specifically designed for handling cases of beer. Its 32" × 37" footprint maximizes case pack out and eliminates the “hidden” center column that exists in 48" × 40" pallets. The 28 lb CRAFTPALLET enables brewers and wholesalers to ship the same number of cases using fewer trucks, lowering each cost per trip.

Here are some additional benefits to the CRAFTPALLET Program

Eliminate Pallet Administration Hassles

  • Improve market intelligence with the integrated RFID tag and PARTS 2.0 tracking application
  • Simple per trip pallet fee as low as $4.00 per pallet

Optimize Through Standardization

  • Open up valuable warehouse space with its compact design
  • Eliminate constraints due to pallets of varying size and condition

Cost Reduction

  • Significantly reduce lost pallet charges
  • Reduce fuel, fleet and operational costs
  • Smooth flat surface reduces product damage and costly shrink

Safety & Handling

  • CRAFTPALLET is an OSHA friendly 28 lb
  • Efficiently stacks

Product Specifications:

Dimensions (L × W × H):
36.875" × 31. 875" × 5.50" (93.66 cm × 80.96 cm × 13.97 cm)
Weight: 28 lb (12.75 kg)
Forklift Opening: 27.625" (70.17 cm)
Static Load: 30,000 lb (13,000 kg)
Dynamic Load: 5,000 lb (2,265 kg)
53' Truckload Quantity: 900
Maximum Edge Rackable Load Across 32" Span: 2,500 lb (1,135 kg)
Maximum Edge Rackable Load Across 37" Span: 1,500 lb (680 kg)

For more information about CRAFTPALLET, and how it can improve productivity, and lower both packaging and operational costs, contact a CRAFTPALLET Customer Service at (800) 315-4379.


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