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Reusable, ready to carry the load for the long haul, and ultimately 100% recyclable

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Delivery & Distribution Plastic Pallets

With over nine decades of material handling experience, Rehrig Pacific has skillfully employed the advantages of high-pressure injection molding to produce exceptionally strong, yet lightweight delivery and distribution plastic pallets. This molding method gives us the ability to increase wall-thickness in areas susceptible to impact and reinforce areas of the pallet that receive the most abuse, like legs, corners and leading edges.

The nestable 29" × 42" Delivery Plastic Pallet is designed for the fastest moving cases and safely fits through small doorways in stores. The size was optimized for fully unassisted deliveries from the distribution center right into the back of the store where limited space is a factor. The Delivery Pallet replaces carts, cages and conveyors currently used for deliveries into these stores.

The 32" × 37" Distribution Plastic Pallet has a solid deck on top and wide stringers underneath that makes it the safe and secure choice when looking for productivity in your shipping platforms. Additional features include 4-way entry and our patented Box Beam™ design for greater rigidity yielding a higher load carrying capacity. You can stack confidently, up to three pallets high, saving valuable warehouse floor space.