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Fire Retardant Plastic Pallets

In a major breakthrough, and in a move that addresses one of the material handling industry's leading concerns, Rehrig Pacific has launched a family of five UL® listed flame retardant (FR) plastic pallets.

The UL Classification, UL 2335 — Standard for Fire Tests of Storage Pallets, is given to products with a proven fire safety factor at parity with, or better than, wooden pallets. Specifically, the NFPA 13, Standard for Installation of Sprinkler Systems, recognizes both UL 2335 Classified plastic pallets and FM 4995 approved plastic pallets as being equivalent to or better than wood.

As a result, Rehrig Pacific's UL Classified FR plastic pallets can be introduced into any warehouse that uses wooden pallets without any increased fire risk. Any company can now seamlessly switch to the use of plastic pallets.