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Reusable, ready to carry the load for the long haul, and ultimately 100% recyclable

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GMA-228 Plastic Pallet

Rehrig Pacific’s GMA Rackable Plastic Pallets provide measurable ROI benefits over wood. Weighing less than wood, the lightweight and stackable GMA plastic pallet lowers fuel and operational costs. The trackable, traceable and reusable GMA plastic pallet also reduces shrink and increases your yield with effective condition monitoring at every point in the supply chain. The GMA plastic pallet is 100% recyclable, and will prove better for automation, will reduce food contaminants, and is easily repairable. With a minimum life cycle of 5 years, you can count on a long-term and more sustainable solution.

ROI Benefits:

  • Lower your cost per trip
  • Gain sustainability scorecard improvements
  • Increase your yield and reduce shrink
  • Reduce operational and packaging costs
  • Meet new FSMA traceability standards

GMA Pallet Features and Benefits:

  • The two-piece snap lock design of the GMA pallet allows for quick and easy repair
  • Metal reinforcements provide superior edge racking capabilities and excellent impact resistance
  • Its non-cruciform bottom structure reduces pallet jack damage and reduces total plastic weight
  • The evenly placed internal rib structure design allows for superior product support
  • Deck and base components are welded for additional strength and long-term rust prevention
  • Manufactured from HDPE using high pressure injection molding creates superior strength
GMA-228 Plastic Pallet

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