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Reusable, ready to carry the load for the long haul, and ultimately 100% recyclable

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Rackable Standard Plastic Pallets

Rehrig Pacific has taken their years of experience developing new and innovative products for industry and has designed a range of truly unique 2-piece Snap-Lock™ plastic rackable pallets.

Coming in a range of sizes, these plastic pallets offer more options for all companies looking to better utilize their warehouse space. The rugged, 2-piece design offers substantially longer life than typical wood pallets, eliminating the need for repairs while the roughened top deck reduces slippage and helps keep loads in place.

HuskyLite & Rackable Standard plastic pallets are remarkably consistent so they work smoothly with most automated pallet handling equipment. Four-way entry improves efficiency in handling and the absence of any metal fasteners and splinters means no parts that can protrude and damage products or cause injury.

The stability of the pallet design with its extra large surface area in the bottom deck allows higher stacking for better utilization of warehouse space. Tapered bottom edges on all sides allow easy four-way entry and exit for pallet jacks and fork lifts.

These high-pressure injection molded plastic pallets are made from co-polymer polypropylene resin that will not absorb moisture or bacteria and their appearance is more attractive for retail applications than wooden pallets. Some 2-piece Snap-Lock pallets can also be made with flame retardant polypropylene resin as well. Rugged and lightweight, HuskyLite & plastic pallets are more easy to handle than comparable wood or other plastic pallets.