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The lightweight, flexible and cost-efficient alternative to heavy metal and large deposits

A flexible packaging solution that increases sales, expands geographic reach, reduces costs and frees up capital for breweries and wineries. PUBKEGs provide opportunities to serve more customers with an attractive and predictable COGS (cost of goods sold).

Rehrig Pacific’s PUBKEG Program is a powerful per-trip rental solution that allows fillers to set and achieve higher growth goals. Experts at merchandising the world’s best brands, Rehrig packaging solutions greatly improve supply chain efficiencies as well. Rely on Rehrig to reduce keg management fears and allow more focus on opening new markets.

What the PUBKEG Program will do for you

Business Growth

  • Open new domestic markets quickly and efficiently with an attractive, fixed cost of goods sold (COGS)
  • Provide flexible export options that allow shipments beyond North America when they command a premium for keg sales
  • Improve market intelligence with the integrated RFID tag and PARTS 2.0 interface that will track time in market and analyze sales performance
  • Expand or seasonally complement your existing cooperage float

Cost Reduction

  • Zero capital outlay for 1/6th barrel kegs
  • Eliminate incremental shipping fees to domestic wholesalers—ship further at no additional charge
  • Significantly reduce lost equipment charges
  • Eliminate keg washing costs
  • Lower deposit fees throughout the entire supply chain
  • Reduce the cash flow burden on wholesalers and retailers
  • Rehrig manages all of the reverse logistics

Product Quality & Taste

  • Just-in-time delivery
  • PUBKEGs come with new, sanitized, never-been-filled bottles free from prior contamination
  • PUBKEGs have a longer shelf life (test results provided upon request)

Safety & Handling

  • PUBKEG is an OSHA friendly 49 lb. when full
  • Wide, reinforced handles aid lifting
  • More secure base to lid stacking when filled
  • Efficiently nest shells and lids to reduce storage space needed for empties

Product Specifications:

Capacity: standard 1/6th barrel (5.17 gallons) or 20 liters
Height: 23.375" (594 mm)
Diameter of lid: 11.125" (283 mm)
Maximum diameter of shell: 11.125" (283 mm)
Maximum working pressure inside bottle: 60 psi (4.2 kg/cm2)
Maximum stack height with product: 4 high
Weight: 49 lb. (22.2 kg) full; 4.60 lb. (2.1 kg) empty

For more information about the PUBKEG Program contact PUBKEG Customer Service at (800) 315-4379.

The PUBKEG Program

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