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Lightweight and durable containers designed for quiet operation

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Front Load Commercial Containers

Setting new standards for manufacturing integrity, Rehrig Pacific’s all-plastic, 2 yd., 3 yd. and 4 yd. Front Load Commercial Containers feature integrally molded-in pockets and hinge supports and are designed with added strength where it is needed most. For instance, replaceable, patent pending, pocket sleeves supply extra sidewall thickness and protection against puncturing by fork tines. Rehrig Pacific’s truly innovative design embodies real strength, durability and quiet operation allowing neighbor-friendly drop-offs and collection in noise-sensitive areas.

Rehrig Pacific’s larger 6 yd. and 8 yd. containers share the same design features as their smaller family members. Lightweight, weighing one-third less than comparable all-metal containers avoids costly wear and tear on collection equipment. Fully enclosed pockets provide increased protection against sidewall punctures by fork tines and optional polyethylene (PE) pocket sleeves with integrated bumpers increase sidewall protection, promote noise reduction and provide protection for front panels against repeated impacts. Fiberglass hinge rods are supported and protected over their entire length providing longer life and smooth operation. Molded beams and bottom skids provide support and stepped sidewalls provide stiffness to avoid sagging and bowing. Molded-in rings speed skid plate installation without bolts perforating the container bottom.

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