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Container and service tracking with CARTS

CARTS — the technology advantage

You need to know where, when and how your containers are being deployed, maintained and replaced. Rehrig Pacific has responded to these needs by developing the Container Asset Recovery Tracking System (CARTS). This proprietary internet based software tool brings all of this information to you whenever you need it. CARTS makes it possible for the Environmental Services Group to implement a wide variety of services that are designed to inform our customers in a timely manner and at a minimal cost.

  • CARTS, Rehrig Pacific’s unique web-based asset and inventory management software, can be customized to the specific needs and requirements of our customers. Once your address database is uploaded to CARTS, the Environmental Services Group can help implement a variety of services, including:
  • Residential surveys — designed to gather feedback on services, determine interest in new programs, or select a container size
  • Delivery & inventory management — track the progress of container shipments and manage inventory levels at your distribution centers
  • Container distribution — record container deliveries in real time by using handheld scanners in conjunction with CARTS
  • Monitor container distribution progress — generate daily distribution reports that include household address, container serial number, RFID tag number, type, size, date and time of delivery
  • Ongoing container maintenance — integrate maintenance work order systems with CARTS to track container inventories, repairs, and work flow
  • Collection data tracking services — integrate RFID technology and data collection equipment on trucks to accurately track container collection data

Electronic tracking gives our customers the power they need to better manage their container assets, drive new services, and improve their customer retention and satisfaction rates.

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Asset Tracking (CARTS)

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