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RFID container tracking & bar code integration

Rehrig Pacific has the ability to integrate RFID and bar code technology into every container:

  • A serial number and bar code are imprinted on the containers
  • A RFID tag is imbedded into the container to protect it from weather and other harsh elements
  • The RFID tag and bar code are scanned and linked at the manufacturing work cell
  • A data base with each container’s serial number and RFID tag value is provided as a foundation for future service offerings

Bar codes and serial numbers are typically used to record container delivery or document maintenance work orders. RFID tags are utilized to record container collection data for refuse and recycling programs. Container programs that utilize RFID and bar code technology can bring several advantages to your operation:

  • Gain instant access to a container’s history with a simple scan
  • Log and track container movement in a centralized database
  • Manage inventories and container maintenance programs
  • Associate bar code and RFID information with a specific customer
  • Accurately track collection data, including household participation in recycling and refuse programs

Existing containers in your system can also be retrofitted with bar codes and RFID tags making it easy to include them in your new C.A.R.T.S. database.

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