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Reusable and recyclable products improving medical waste disposal

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Innovative reusable container solutions engineered for the safe disposal and transport of regulated medical waste

RHS Logo Combined with a widely recognized commitment to customer service, Rehrig Healthcare Systems has become a leading supplier to many of the largest and most innovative companies in the world. Now, Rehrig Healthcare Systems is applying our expertise in secure reusable injection molded containers to help improve the collection of Regulated Medical Waste (RMW) and Sharps. Our new line of products offers sustainable solutions for both generators and disposal companies alike.

Rehrig Healthcare Systems’ 17 Gallon, 31 Gallon & 43 Gallon Regulated Medical Waste (RMW) Containers are designed for the transport of red bag bio-hazardous, chemotherapy, pharmaceutical and pathological medical waste, Rehrig Healthcare Systems’ reusable, DOT Approved and OSHA compliant RMW containers can be counted on to safely transport waste from all points of generation to disposal. Rehrig Healthcare Systems’ containers are also adaptable for locations which require lab lids for specialized waste or dollies for easy maneuvering.

Rehrig Healthcare Systems’ 95 Gallon Medical Waste Cart is also a RMW container. It can be used for transporting red bag medical waste from the point of waste generation to the disposal facility. The container lid can be locked using a bungee type latch. To maximize space for transport, the cart has a special lid designed to allow another cart to be stacked on top. This same lid design also allows 31 Gallon and 43 Gallon RMW containers to stack on top for more efficient space utilization.

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