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17 Gallon Regulated Medical Waste Container

RHS Logo Specifically designed for the transport of red bag bio-hazardous medical waste, Rehrig Healthcare Systems’ reusable, DOT and OSHA compliant RMW containers can be counted on to safely transport waste from all points of generation to disposal. Rehrig Healthcare Systems’ 17 Gallon RMW Container is great in areas with restricted space or that generate very dense or limited waste. The side hinged main lid allows wide access while the transparent sub-lid allows restricted access and the ability to monitor fill capacity when the main lid is closed. Both lids have two-position latches that provide a quick close position for daily use and a full lock position for transport.

The 17 Gallon RMW Container shares many common features with the other members of the RMW Container family. These include proprietary HDPE resin with antimicrobial additives, reinforced handles that won’t flex under rated loads, bag holders to keep bags open and in place, smooth interiors for easy cleaning, and textured exterior areas for easy removal of adhesive labels.

Like the 31 gallon and 43 gallon containers, the 17 gallon container maximizes cube efficiency and inter-stacks with the other family members for transport or storage when full. The optional foot pedal dolly enables convenient hands free operation ideal for clinical environments. The recommended bag size is 20" × 13" × 39".


External Dimensions (L × W × H):
12.5" × 20.0" × 25.9" (31.8 cm × 50.8 cm × 65.8 cm)
Capacity: 17 gallons (64.3 liters)
Authorized Gross Mass: 22.6 kg


  • Stacks securely with itself and the 31 and 43 gallon containers
  • Side hinged main lid provides wide access
  • Sub-lid for restricted access
  • See-through sub-lid to monitor fill capacity
  • Two position latches for each lid (daily use/transport)


  • Metal foot pedal dolly with locking wheels
  • Molded 4-wheel dolly
  • Colors: Choice of standard or optional colors if color match required.
  • Lids and containers may have different colors
  • Decoration: Hot stamp branded logos and serial numbers
  • Labeling: Multi-color heat transfer labels
  • Tracking: Bar code labels or RFID tags
17 Gal. Container

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