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Reusable and recyclable products improving medical sharps disposal

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SS & TS Patient Room Sharps Containers

RHS Logo Designed for efficient collection, transportation and storage of used medical sharps where sharps disposal is needed including hospitals, clinics, physician and dental offices, laboratories, and veterinary offices. Models SS and TS are FDA 510(k) cleared as Class II Medical Devices, as well as OSHA compliant. Models SS and TS are compatible with Rehrig Healthcare Systems’ rolling Transport Rack which allows for the efficient collection and transport of full containers to the disposal and wash facilities and distribution of cleaned containers for reuse thereafter.

Options include three mouth inserts; horizontal, vertical, and wide mouth, and secure key-lock wall mount or counter mount brackets.


  • Puncture resistant to prevent needle sticks
  • Polycarbonate construction with semi-transparent body for viewing fill levels
  • Minimal moving parts for ease of use
  • Universal horizontal, vertical and wide mouth inserts
  • Horizontal drop prevents reaching into the container and accessing sharps
  • Inserts require discrete key for removal
  • Secure key-lock wall mount or counter mount available
  • Integrated handle in lid for ease of carrying
  • Unique bar code for management and cycle tracking
  • Securely locks for safe transport in rack
  • FDA 510(k) cleared for 600 cycles
  • Meets or exceeds US and international standards for sharps containers
  • Handling, decanting and wash systems available


  • Metal foot pedal dolly with locking wheels
  • Molded 4-wheeled base dolly
  • Decoration: Hot stamp branded logos and serial numbers
  • Labeling: Multi-color heat transfer labels
  • Tracking: Bar code labels or RFID tags
SS & TS Patient Room Sharps

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