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Rugged and maneuverable designs ready for the stress of curbside handling

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Confidential Document Destruction Carts

Confidential Document Destruction (CDD) Carts are Roll-out Carts with features specifically designed to aid the collection and secure storage of documents destined for destruction. These features include lids with narrow slots that allow documents but deter all other waste and recyclables, anti-fish devices that make it virtually impossible to retrieve documents by hand through the slot once they are deposited, and locking devices that securely lock the lid to the cart and can only be opened by authorized key holders.

Locking lids can also be used to protect valuable recyclables collected in public areas as well.

CDD tamper evident features are optional equipment available on most Rehrig Pacific Roll-out Carts. See the individual Roll-out Cart pages for CDD features and options.


  • Lids with slotted opening for confidential documents
  • Anti-fish device riveted under document slot to inhibit theft through lid slot
  • Lid with internal key lock
  • Lids with external tongue plate and padlock
Document Destruction Carts

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