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Rugged and maneuverable designs ready for the stress of curbside handling

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Carts and containers engineered specifically for organic waste collection and proven to perform

Rehrig Pacific is proud to offer Organic Waste Containers that are proven for quality and performance. Based upon extensive research, testing and customer feedback, Rehrig Pacific Company has engineered the consummate containers for collection of organic wastes.

EnviroGuard 35 Gallon Organics Roll-Out Cart

The EnviroGuard Organics Roll-out Cart achieves a new level of performance that improves customer satisfaction and participation. This 100% ANSI Compliant, rodent-proof and leak-proof container is pre-installed with gravity locks, that automatically unlock, improving efficiency in both automated and semi-automated collection.

The Yard Waste Cart

The Yard Waste Cart, available in 35, 65 and 95 gallon sizes, boasts a superior ventilation system that stimulates aerobic decomposition while promoting proper odor dissemination. This patented system quickly reduces the weight and volume of organic wastes, giving recycling programs the flexibility and cost savings of bi-weekly collection. An internal, hinged bottom assembly pivots to prevent trapped debris during dumping.

The 40 Liter (10.5 Gallon) Collection Cart

The 40 Liter (10.5 Gallon) Collection Cart, designed for organic kitchen waste or recyclables, features an attractive tilt and roll design and compact size for easy transport and convenient home storing. The pre-assembled carts are well balanced and have no internal catch points. They are designed with multiple grab areas for easy manual dumping, and have four ground contact points for extra stability.

The Food Waste Container

The Food Waste Container is the clean and easy way to collect and carry organic kitchen waste to the main curbside collection container. The 2 gallon container is also dishwasher safe.

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