Reusable Plastic Crates, Totes, and Bins That Deliver Savings and Profits

There is nothing like that fresh-from-the-farm flavor. That is why Rehrig’s durable, efficiently designed, reusable plastic containers are built to protect your products from the field to the produce aisle. To find out how we can help keep your produce fresher, longer, with quality and sustainable solutions, add your email address below to receive our detailed product brochure.

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From Farm to Fork: The Agricultural Journey

With features such as ergonomic handles for easy lifting and lightweight design, our products encourage a productive workflow and increased yield.

Our lightweight and durable products are ideal for a variety of storage situations, and our bottom design promotes smooth transitions with conventional conveyor systems.

Safe and efficient transportation is vital, and our products are designed to allow more products on a truck while keeping produce cooled and moisture-free.

Our products protect fresh produce, ensuring that it is ready for the consumer when it reaches the retailer, with features like smooth interiors and ventilated side walls.

Preserving Quality from Field to Store

At Rehrig, designing sustainable solutions that help our customers responsibly move their products across the supply chain is our mission. Our full-service suite of crates, totes, and bins support every step of the agricultural process.

Our grape crates come in a one-way grape shipper and a 180-degree harvest/shed-pack crate. The one-way grape shipper features a gently contoured bottom and easy LockTM corner ledges. It eliminates stilts and racks with stable stacking capabilities up to three pallets high. Our 180-degree harvest/shed-pack crate is a long-lasting solution that won’t absorb moisture and is built with efficient vents for optimal cooling.

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Lightweight and durable, our harvest totes are made to withstand any situation. Their smooth-contoured interior protects fresh produce, and lifting is easy with ergonomic handles. Fully automatable, these totes stack easily and work with both wood bins and on pallets.

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Another one of our most durable field crates, our lidded crates contain a smooth interior, best for protecting fragile produce with excellent ventilation. The detached lid neatly nests for efficient storage, and lid hinge action maximizes field pack-out.

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Our reusable plastic containers come in one footprint with multiple heights, allowing for easy assembly and collapsibility. It’s ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, with quick release handles that increase productivity. With ventilated side walls, products are easily cooled, extending shelf life. The bottom design promotes smooth transitions with conventional conveyor systems.

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Field-to-shed harvesting is a snap with our swing bar totes. With 4-down and 5-down sizes available in multiple stack heights, and smooth interiors with generous venting, they suit any packing situation while maximizing produce quality. Reinforced plastic swing bars eliminate the need for a metal bail while easily integrating into a metal-detector environment.

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Rugged and lightweight, our 48 x 40 standard duty pallets are easier to handle than comparable wood or other plastic pallets. With the absence of any metal fasteners and tapered bottom edges, they are built for smooth and safe transitions. These high-pressure injection-molded plastic pallets are made from co-polymer polypropylene resin that will not absorb moisture or bacteria and are more attractive for retail applications than wooden pallets.

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The high-pressure injection molding allows a lighter yet stronger solution with our 48 x 40 general-purpose bin. The advanced co-polymer polypropylene, with enhanced impact compared with other commonly used materials, won’t absorb moisture, harmful bacteria, or pathogens. Furthermore, these bins stack securely with greater integrity, weigh less, and take up less space during empty shipping and storage than other competitive bins.

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When it comes to supply chain optimization, Vision® brings it all together. Tag your pallets (and what’s on them), track them in real time, confirm and manage deliveries, optimize routes, communicate with drivers, find where orders went wrong, and identify opportunities for greater efficiency. With Vision® you can see what you are moving.

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Rehrig Protects Your Products and Your Profits

To consistently withstand the rigors of field picking, transport, storage, and delivery, Rehrig’s full range of agricultural containers are proven to deliver. Whether shipping across the farm or across the county, move more produce per shipment and better utilize existing storage space with our strong yet lightweight solutions.

Privately Owned and Operated

Manufactured in California for over 100 years, developing returnable containers that enhance harvesting methods.

Durable and Reduces Damage

Our sturdy harvest containers provide the maximum protection against damage, ensuring the preservation of produce.

Preserves Quality and Profits

Chills produce faster in well-ventilated plastic containers and smooth-contoured interiors won’t absorb moisture.

Reusable and Sustainable

Our harvest containers are better for the environment and are fully recyclable, promoting supply chain sustainability goals.

Asset Managing Capabilities

Better utilization of container management, with real-time confirmation of container movements, from harvesting to processing.

Financial Assistance Options

We work with our customers to offer an affordable solution, providing a variety of flexible financing options, including leasing and rental.

Reduce Your Supply Chain Risk

Our clients look to us as more than a solutions provider. We are a strategic partner. To find out more about how you can have a faster workflow, increased productivity, and safer transport, download our one sheet.