Direct Store Delivery is Ready for a Change

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April 2–4

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We Are Revolutionizing the Beverage Supply Chain

Time matters. Efficiency matters. Safety matters. When it comes to direct store delivery, beverage distributors face ongoing challenges every day. Rehrig Pacific can help. With a full suite of solutions ready to go, we are helping to minimize wasted time, improve productivity, and reduce injuries.

Integrated Packaging, Technology, Material Handling, and Services

Utilizing all four pillars of our business provides a completely interconnected and sustainable end-to-end solution.


Our line of core products prioritizes sustainable solutions that ensure a better future for our environment and your business, with pallets, shells, and crates created with post-consumer recycled materials.


A diverse portfolio of material-handling delivery lifts and sleds with corresponding pallets designed to meet the needs of direct store delivery while improving the lives of drivers and delivery personnel.


Tag your pallets, track in real-time, confirm and manage deliveries, optimize routes, communicate with drivers, find where orders went wrong, and identify opportunities for greater efficiency 24/7.


We create customized solutions that offset labor costs and improve supply chain operations, such as trailer unloading and loading, pallet sorting and repair, assembly and distribution, and more.

  • For both small and large format stores
  • Lightweight, nestable style pallet
  • Low profile and wider foot spacing for improved stability and idle pallet storage
  • Ergonomic handles for heightened associate safety
  • Top deck anti-slip feature to prevent cases from sliding off the pallet
  • Customized color and branding available to promote brand equity and asset management
  • Suitable for floor-ready displays
  • 100% recyclable
  • Manufactured from engineered high-density polyethylene (HDPE) using high-pressure injection molding for enhanced strength and durability
  • Available in two sizes: 19” x 47.5” and 20.7” x 47.5”

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  • For large format stores
  • Can be used with standard pallets including 37 x 37 beverage pallets and 40 x 48 plastic pallets

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The food and beverage supply chain solution

As powerful as any pallet jack and as swift as a hand truck, Duo does more because it is centered around innovation. Not only is the Duo Lift ergonomically designed to improve the everyday responsibilities of drivers and delivery personnel, but it comes with a real-time tracking IoT option. 

One Lift, Two Jobs

The first and only expanding and retracting fork tine powered lift designed to move multiple pallet sizes.

Multiple Needs

A 3000 lb. capacity and technology-equipped to optimize deliveries direct-to-store, truck, or cooler.

Retain Drivers

Up to 75% reduction of injuries from repetitive motions, thereby increasing job satisfaction among drivers.

Sustainable Savings

Up to 20% fewer routes reduce the carbon footprint, delivering an average savings of $.05 per case.

The future of your supply chain

There is nothing else like the Fusion Duo Lift for the direct-to-store food and beverage market. When time counts, driver performance matters, and order accuracy is vital, you can count on Duo Lift.

Download the brochure to learn how Duo Lift is the better material handling solution.