Dramatic Increase In Robotics Sales

Robotics are the future, but not in a creepy take-over-the-world way. Hopefully. The Association for Advancing Automation (A3) reports massive increases in the purchase and use of robotics, with a 33% increase in units and a 26% increase in dollars spent over last year. All told, over a billion dollars’ worth of robots were sold in the first half of 2017 alone.

How does this impact your business? We’re always working on technological approaches to the supply chain, so rest assured that we will be incorporating robotics where and when it makes sense. Friendly robots, who want your business and the human race to flourish.

From the very earliest days of our company we’ve had our eye on the future, creating crates specifically designed to ship auto parts almost as soon as automobiles existed. The robotics sales numbers reported by A3 may sound surprisingly high, but we’ve always embraced science, innovation and looking forward. The report is exciting, but for us, nothing has changed, even if many industries will.