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Move more products safely, faster, and efficiently with Rehrig Pacific’s reusable plastic containers. With a full-service suite of solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Download your complimentary brochure below and get started on the journey towards a safer, and more sustainable supply chain.

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The Pharmaceutical Journey

Bulk Providers rely on our reusable bulk transport solutions because they are lighter, cleaner, easily integrated, and built with weight considerations, from stacking to impact resistance.

Manufacturers appreciate our safety standards and sustainability. Our reusable plastic containers have a long lifespan and are developed with FDA-compliant requirements and materials.

Distributors understand that keeping their processes clean and safe while improving logistics is vital. Our solutions provide safety features while also reducing shipment weight.

Retailers count on traceability and efficiency when it comes to deliveries. Our products are trackable with RFID tagging for cold-chain traceability and IoT integration.

Solutions to Meet the Needs of the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Unlike other industries, shipping pharmaceuticals requires an extra level of precision. At Rehrig, we get it. Our pallets are designed to be safe, efficient, durable, and economical from our traceability features through our tracking (Vision) and delivery (Fusion) system to our award-winning impact resistance design.

Our high-pressure injection molded nestable pallets retain original 48×40 dimensions and allow for full delivery pack-out, holding 1260 pallets per truckload – more than any competitor. It also contains drainage holes for easy cleaning and sanitizing and has RFID tagging for cold-chain traceability and IoT integration.

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Our GP Bin allows for 30 extra units to be loaded onto a truck with less weight (compared to competitor’s products), reducing total annual freight shipments between closed-loop locations. GP Bins allow for better pack-out before weighing the truck. GP Bins feature a solid, one-piece injection molded base and seamlessly stack and integrate with other bin floats.

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As a true block-style GMA pallet that meets a 5.7” height limit requirement, our 48×40 pallet is the highest racking capability of its size by cold-temp ready pallet on the market. GMA Series Pallets feature a high-pressure injection design and are available in Polypropylene or HDPE with edge-racking capacities ranging up to 3,200 lbs.

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Made with 100% recyclable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and designed with strategically placed drain holes, our totes are created for easy clean-ability and safety. Rehrig Pacific Pharmaceutical totes feature a double-walled rim for enhanced durability, a textured base providing anti-slip capabilities and lidded security options.

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As a lightweight alternative to totes, our RPCs are not only durable, sustainable, and efficient, but they reduce carbon emissions and minimize waste. Our sustainable, eco-friendly shipping pallets feature a flow-through cleanable design with RFID tagging ready for cold-chain traceability and IoT integration.

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Plastic Pallets vs. Wood Pallets

When it comes to managing your pharmaceutical operations, plastic pallets deliver many advantages over porous and fragile wood products. In fact, wood shipping pallets have been behind some of the biggest medical recalls in history.


RFID tagging for cold-chain traceability and IoT integration.


End-to-end tracking through RFID technology.


Built with FDA compliant requirements and materials in mind.


Thicker column walls to enhance impact resistance.


Thicker column walls to enhance impact resistance.

Protect Your Supply Chain from Risk

To learn more about how Rehrig Pacific’s plastic pallets lower operating costs, offer increased safety, and are ideal for the pharmaceutical supply chain, download our one sheet.