18 Gallon Huskylite Recycling Bin – Open Handle

18 Gallon Huskylite Recycling Bin Open Handle
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  • External Dimensions: 27.75in W x 17.6in D x 13.5in H
  • Nest Increment: 2.17 - in
  • Capacity: 18.0 - Gallons
  • Weight: 4.4 - LBS
  • 53’ Trailer Quantity: 4,800
  • Designed for commingled curbside programs where capacity and easy handling are critical
  • Made with durable, washable, 100% recyclable high density poly-ethylene (HDPE) resin
  • Recycled content available up to 100%
  • UV stabilizers and anti-oxidants prevent fading and material breakdown
  • Ergonomic “palm-up” handles, large enough to easily accommodate gloved hands
  • Raised base with retention channels for spilled liquids
  • Drain holes in raised base so container cannot fill with precipitation
  • Highly nestable for shipping
  • Nest stops prevent sticking when nested
  • Double wall rim for added stiffness and gripping
  • Rim notches allow cross-stacking when used as a multi-bin system
  • Anti-slide bottom to help resist wind blow away
  • Colors: Choice of standard or optional colors if color match required
  • Decoration: Hot-stamp branded logos;
    Multi-color heat transfer labels also
  • Wheel kit with pull cord available
  • Domed lid available for stacking, added capacity
    (allows at least 2 extra gallons of capacity), and
    protection of materials
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