2 Yard Rear Load Commercial Container

2 Yard Rear Load Commercial Container
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  • External Dimensions: 78.0in W x 48.25in D
  • External Height with Lid: 45.0 - in
  • Caster Height: 7.0 - in
  • Assembled Weight: 210 - LBS
  • Load Rating: 1,500 - LBS
  • 53’ Trailer Quantity: 72
  • Minimum 0.25″ thick solid resin wall stock to enhance long-term durability, reduce potential for wall and enclosure damage, and minimize ongoing maintenance
  • Lightweight – 1/3 less weight than comparable metal containers makes maneuvering easy with less effort and noise
  • Average of 40% higher strength-to-weight ratio across push/pull sizes vs. competing plastic designs
  • Average of 57% lighter than metal containers without sacrificing load rating to help reduce potential for push/pull injuries
  • Molded beams provide support and stepped sidewalls provide stiffness to avoid bottom sagging and bowing; Heavily reinforced top rim
  • Large hand grip areas on both sides aid alignment during dumping
  • Molded-in caster rings with quick release casters prevent “pop-through’s” mitigate leaking/ see page, and allow for quick in-field caster/skid changes
  • High-impact, UV stabilized, 100% recyclable polyethylene resin won’t deteriorate like metal in damp conditions
  • Tested in extreme heat and cold conditions to improve versatility and boost longevity
  • Dent resistant and repairable; Easy in-field graffiti removal
  • One-piece 1.25″ solid steel trunnion bar spreads load equally across container
  • Nestable for shipping, storage, deliveries, and removals
  • Customer Friendly – 2/3 quieter than servicing metal containers to reduce noise complaints and enhance customer experience
  • Smooth areas on front of container to enable branding graphics or labels to better adhere to the container body
Available Sizes External Dimensions
3 Yard Rear Load Commercial Container
3 Yard Rear Load Commercial Container

External Dimensions: 78.0in W x 55.25in D