24 x 40 Half Pallet

24 x 40 Half Pallet
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  • External Dimensions: 40.75in L x 24.0in W x 5.75in H
  • Fork Pocket Width: 16.4 - in
  • Individual Fork Pocket Width: 27.7 - in
  • Individual Fork Pocket Length: 12.3 - in
  • Fork Pocket Height: 3.75 - in
  • Nest Increment: 2.0 - in
  • Weight: 14.0 - LBS
  • Load Capacity: 1250 - LBS
  • 53’ Trailer Quantity: 2160
  • Thermoformed using high molecular weight polyethylene resin for superior durability and performance
  • Aluminum reinforcements provide support and stability by equally distributing load throughout top deck and legs
  • Compatible with Rehrig’s integrated delivery system for increased driver efficiency and retention by reducing delivery time, case touches, and fatigue at each stop
  • Optimal footprint with 4-way entry enables faster deliveries through narrow doorways and improves maneuverability in aisle, cooler, freezer, and dry areas
  • Highly nestable design enhances overall productivity and saves space when empty in warehouse, at stores, and on backhauls
  • Lightweight design reduces injuries and promotes safe handling practices throughout supply chain
  • Perimeter lip helps secure and protect product against damage and unnecessary replacement costs
  • Flow-through design for ease of cleaning and draining potential trap points
  • Available in black only
  • Molded-in logos available for customer specific branding on top deck
  • RFID and barcode technology available for asset tracking, visibility, and retention via Rehrig’s
    RVision software