25 Gallon Round Can

25 Gallon Round Can
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  • External Dimensions: 24.7in W x 23.0in D
  • External Height with Lid: 26.3 - in
  • Capacity: 25.0 - Gallons
  • 53’ Trailer Quantity: 1,456
  • Designed for manual dumping or automated collection of household refuse, recyclables and organic wastes
  • Reinforced top rim and ergonomic palm-up/ palm-down handles
  • Handle areas at the bottom of the container to assist in manual dumping
  • Corrugated body increases compression strength
  • Wide footprint deters “rolling”
  • Double drag rails and reinforcements on bottom of container
  • Slip-stops help to prevent container from falling when dumped by automated lifters
  • Single, domed, snap-on lid prevents water pooling
  • Colors: Choice of standard or optional colors if color match required
  • Lids and containers can be different colors
  • Lid cut-outs for recyclables collection
  • Molded-in text: Inserts for top and underside of lid
  • Decoration: Hot-stamp branded logos and serial numbers
  • Labeling: Multi-color heat transfer labels and in-mold labels available
  • Tracking: Coditherm printed bar code labels or RFID tags
Available Sizes External Dimensions
32 Gallon Round Can
32 Gallon Round Can

External Dimensions: 22.5in W x 22.5in D

The installation of the Vending Pods to the
Vending Machine is a four step process:

  1. Unscrew the leveling foot from each corner of
    the Vending Machine
  2. Select which of the 3 locating holes in each
    Vending Pod will be used
  3. Set each leveling foot through the selected hole
    in the subsequent Vending Pod
  4. Re-tighten each leveling foot in each corner of
    the Vending Machine