4-Down Metric Swing Bar Tote

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  • External Dimensions: 23.6 in L x 19.7 in W x in D x 8.7 in H
  • Internal Dimensions: 22.4 in L x 18.5 in W x 8.3 in H
  • Stack Increment: 2.7 - in
  • Stack Increment – High Position: 7.6 - in
  • Stack Increment – Low Position: 5.0 - in
  • Internal Stack Height – High Position: 7.6 - in
  • Internal Stack Height – Middle Position: 6.3 - in
  • Internal Stack Height – Low Position: 5.0 - in
  • Weight: 4.50 - LBS
  • 53’ Trailer Quantity: 3,960
  • Four crates per layer on 40″ × 48″ pallet with no overhang
  • Four bar positions – three stacking, one nesting
  • Reinforced nylon bars allow for integration into metal-free environment
  • Areas located in the center of each long wall for molded-in logos or text
  • Bar code or RFID sticker areas are located on each short wall
  • Textured label areas on each wall aids in the clean removal of adhesive labels
  • Handles on all four walls optimize ergonomics and ease of use
  • Cut-out areas on the top rim provide access to bale arms for automated handling equipment
  • Well ventilated sidewalls and bottom for fast, uniform chilling when stacked
  • Smooth interior is package and produce friendly eliminating snags and reducing bruising in transit
  • Material: FDA approved food grade polypropylene provides the strength and durability needed for multiple applications
  • Color: Available in FDA approved non-heavy metal (NHM) colors. Metal detectable colors are available for compatibility with metal part detection systems
  • Decoration: Multiple customer specific decoration combinations possible with hot stamp locations on the short wall and long wall
  • Tracking: Bar code labels or RFID tags
Available Sizes External Dimensions
4-Down Imperial Swing Bar Tote

External Dimensions: 24.2 in L x 20.0 in W x in D x 9.6 in H